Critical Race Theory Where Did it Come From

Critical Race Theory started as Critical Theory in the 1920’s and 1930’s in Frankfurt Germany at the University of Frankfurt’s Institute for Social Research and was known as the “Frankfurt School”, a Marxist school patterned after the Marx-Engels institute in Moscow. Those behind the Frankfurt School immigrated to the United States in 1934 and became instructors in Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York to escape the Communist purge by the Nazis. Critical Theory’s unrelenting attack on Western institutions and culture with the goal to completely destroy them and replace them with Marxism and based on the work of philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche, Georg Friedrich Hegel, and Karl Marx.

Next, according to the left, was how do we make it work in America.

Well, claim that America is systemically racist, and whites are oppressors (from the capitalist class). Those of color are the oppressed. This means that whites must be shunned. Those of color, however, are oppressed and cannot move forward so why try. The Government will provide for the oppressed and stop the oppressors. Thus, the only power will be with the Government elites.

Critical Race Theory says:

1.There is no absolute truth—only competing narratives. It sees “lived experiences” as mattering more than facts.
2. Individuals are either an oppressor or victim. You are predetermined by immutable characteristics such as race to fall into either category. Culture is defined by groups exercising power over each other.
3. America is systemically racist and must be dismantled. It sees America as having been founded on the system of capitalism, which is racist, and therefore must be disrupted.

Critical Race Theory is based on the ideology that there is an oppressor class and an oppressed class. Who has used this before: the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Mao Tse Tung’s and Pol Pot’s cultural revolutions, and many others.

I remember a time in our little town that any major event was met with Socialist Workers Party members handing out the Socialist Workers Party newspaper. I remember a small number of neighbors trying to convince you to follow Communist ideology. Just a short way down the road was Gus Hall head of the Communist Party of America. Our town rejected all these ideas. My next door neighbor was a Congressional Medal of Honor winner and a good friend as well as many others who fought to preserve our freedoms. There was no thought to censure or cancel these few Communist sympathizers since the First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech and free press and their right to spue their diatribe.

Critical Race Theory goes from speech to action. This my friends is a deliberate and calculated insurrection. This is nothing more than an attempt to replace the greatest country the world has ever seen with a centralized totalitarian government.
Those who authorize or teach Critical Race Theory are either Communist activists or do not have the knowledge they were born with.

It is imperative that we remove this teaching from our schools.
Teaching our kids to hate each other. White kids must appoligize for being white and feel guilty. Children of color are taught that they are oppressed so why try or that they are too stupid. as always at the top of the oppressor class are Jews. Asians are just below whites-sometimes oppressed and sometimes the oppressor.