Cal_Warwas      We need to support our candidates in every way we can. Donate if you can.
                          We need volunteers to host or help with Meet and Greet or Townhalls.

Roger Skraba    One of the most important thing you can do is become a door knocker.
                          You will get training and a possiblity of being paid.

Jeff Dotseth      Contact our Chair, Todd Hall ‭(218) 750-7458‬) for more info.
                          Another very important thing is to become an election judge. You will receive

Spencer Igo     training and you will be paid. Many cities and townships are asking for election
                        judges.Contact our Chair, Todd Hall ‭(218) 750-7458‬) for more info.

Royce White   US Senate candidate.

Remember what just happened to President Trump and the New York illegal kangaroo court proves that Democrats will do almost anything to remain in power. President Trump needs all the help we can give.
We need to put Royce White in as Senator and give President Trump the help he needs when he wins the election.
Even with a sliver of a majority the Democrats in the Minnesota Legislature kept our state representatives and senators unable to have their voices heard-complete censureship and passed anti-constituent communist bills. Thus proving that Democrats are capable and willing to do anything they can get by with to stay in power.